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Whosarmy 5

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Whosarmy 5

Whosarmy at the Barrie New Music Festival

Mic Lordz & Sauce Funky 3

Mic Lordz & Sauce Funky 3

Mic Lordz & Sauce Funky at the Barrie New Music Festival

Ill Scarlett 13

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Ill Scarlett 13

Ill Scarlett

Golden Gate Graves 1

Golden Gate Graves 1

Golden Gate Graves

Beatles Museum in Hamburg to Shut Down

The Beatles museum in Hamburg, Germany will close down at the end of this month, according to reports.

The five-storey 'Beatlemania' museum was opened in May 2009 but will apparently be shut at the end of June due to a lack of interest from Fab Four fanatics.

Speaking to German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost, manager Folkert Koopmanns said that the museum – which has over 1,000 pieces of memorabilia on display and is located in the same area where The Beatles played live shows when visiting the country in the early '60s – has only had 150,000 visitors since opening three years ago.

Beatles Museum in Hamburg to Shut Down

The Cult Come Back with a Vengeance

The second highest debut by a veteran artist on the Billboard chart in the USA this week goes to The Cult with Choice of Weapon.

The album's number 36 start is the best for a new studio album by the group since 1991′s Ceremony. It also debuts at 17 on the Rock Albums.

After seven weeks, Lionel Richie has finally been knocked out as the veteran artist with the top selling album as Slash debuts at number 4 with Apocalyptic Love. On the Rock Albums, it premiers at number 2. Early word, though, is that Richie will retake that spot next week.

The last debut of the week goes to Joey Ramone and his second posthumous release, .Ya Know? It premiers at 180 on the Top 200. Ramone died in 2001 and his 2002 album, Don't Worry About Me, premiered at 109.


This Day in Music - June 2nd

1957, Johnnie Ray was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Yes Tonight Josephine', the US singers third and final UK No.1. Ray became deaf in his right ear at age 13 after an accident during a Boy Scout "blanket toss," a variation of the trampoline. (Ray later performed wearing a hearing aid.

1962, Owen Gray's 'Twist Baby' became the first single released on UK based Island Records. The label became home to Free, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley and U2.

1962, Ray Charles started a five week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with the Don Gibson penned country ballad 'I Can't Stop Loving You', also No.1 in the UK.

Charlie Watts - Born June 2, 1941

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